Senior Vice President of Technology Solutions

Jerred Cook

Jerred Cook

Jerred Cook is Senior Vice President of Technology Solutions of Say Yes to Education. Among the goals of his work at Say Yes is leading the effort to build mobile responsive web, real-time technology and analytics to support the goal of every public school student not only graduating high school – but doing so with the preparation and support to attain, afford, and complete a postsecondary education.

Jerred has previously served as Director of Engineering for Case Commons, Inc. In that role he was a key leader in the company’s effort to support the transformation of public human services through innovative technology like Casebook, its award winning transformative software for child welfare. Jerred also served as Director of Engineering for Constant Contact, leading its effort to provide ground breaking technology to small and medium sized businesses. He has an extensive background of over 20 years working as a developer and a leader of development teams building high-performance user-focused desktop and web applications.

Jerred is a graduate of The University of Iowa’s graduate program in computer science, where he obtained a Masters in Computer Science (MCS) degree. He also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from The University of Iowa.


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