Say Yes Video Guide to College

In creating this series of videos, Say Yes to Education has drawn on the expertise and experience of its more than 100 private college and university partners. We hope students and parents will refer to these resources at each stage in the college process. Scroll down to see our videos by topic area.

Our Featured Videos

First In Your Family To Go To College – For Parents

Some of Say Yes' partner deans were first in their families to go to college, and they have advice.

Making The Most Of A College Tour…With Master Counselors Ralph Figueroa And Marie Bigham

Use the bathroom before a tour, look at the bulletin boards during it, take photos–and other tips.

How Deans Evaluate Your Application: The Essay

Tips from Say Yes' college deans on using a college application essay to help them get to know you.

Videos by Topic Area

Tag along as veteran college counselors Marie Bigham and Rafael Figueroa hit the road to explore key themes of the college process. In one video, Marie and Ralph show how to take a college tour. In another: how to adjust once you’ve started college.

In this section, Say Yes’ partner deans provide tips for students about such topics as how to compile a college list, how to write a college application essay and how to apply for financial aid.

At Say Yes, we know children often rely on parents to guide them through the college process. Here, our partner deans and counselors give you advice on how to support the applicant in your home.

As they shepherd hundreds of students through the college process, new college counselors in public high schools are especially pressed. Here, our deans and master counselors seek to help.

Ángel Pérez, Vicepresidente de Inscripción y éxito de Trinity College en Hartford, Connecticut, da consejos a estudiantes y padres que hablan español.