Public initiatives related to postsecondary access and success affect everyone in a community. Our strategy provides a new approach to addressing the needs of cities and counties by convening leadership from across sectors. In order to be successful we need diverse perspectives engaged in the process and implementation

The Say Yes community-turnaround strategy has great potential to drive ambitious system-wide transformation in cities and counties. Through cross-sector partnership, Say Yes works to sustainably increase degree completion and improve the economic development of communities. By demonstrating the power of goal-driven collaboration, Say Yes hopes to impact national policy to bring best practices to scale.

In a short period of time, and through uncertain economics, an unprecedented coalition of partners has come together, agreed to shared goals for all students and the community at large, and committed to a theory of action and a shared service-delivery model that is improving the lives of students in Say Yes communities at school and at home, and creating conditions for students to succeed through college and beyond. Say Yes leaves an imprint on every student throughout an entire public school district and in doing so, supports the civic vitality of communities on a whole.

The Say Yes strategy is one of the first successful demonstrations of bringing college completion to scale in entire communities, its’ success relies heavily on broad-based public-private partnership from all sectors.

We hope your organization or company will consider joining our movement. Your strategic investment and commitment to collaborative action will raise expectations – and outcomes – for our nation’s future.

For more information regarding our initiatives and partnerships, please contact Rachel Flax at  [email protected].

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