Research Director

Eliana Kohrman-Glaser

Eliana Kohrman-Glaser

Research Director

Eliana Kohrman-Glaser is the Research Director at Say Yes to Education, Inc.

During her time at Say Yes, she has held the roles of Research and Programming Associate and Interim National Scholarship Director.  In the latter role, she coordinated with Say Yes’ chapters, cohorts, and partner institutions of higher education to collect student data and award scholarships.

In her current role, Eliana works in partnership with each chapter to manage Say Yes’ internal data and report on Say Yes’ programming, scholarships, and student success. She also works closely with the developers of the organization’s database and student data management system, to streamline the import of data, manage student applications, and transition all scholarship administration into the site.

Eliana is a graduate of Haverford College, where she earned a B.A. in Classical Languages.

Leadership Team

George A. Weiss is the chairman of Say Yes To Education, Inc., a national non-profit foundation committed to opening access to post-secondary education for high poverty youth.

Gene Chasin is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Say Yes to Education. He joined the national nonprofit organization in 2008.

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